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Our Eco




Every aspect of Interlude Beauty reflects our commitment to create a sustainable salon kind to your body, your mind & the planet.

We want to provide the highest quality services and products

We want to make a difference and we hope to inspire as many people as possible along the way!

Green Energy

We use solar energy & low-wattage lights

We are working towards becoming a paperless salon. All consultation forms are sent via email.  You can find more about our treatments on our website or our online booking platform.

Our preferred communication form is email. All receipts are sent by email. Our business cards and gift vouchers are made of seed, which you can plant and watch growing in a beautiful plant or garden herbs.

We use rechargeable batteries in our candles.


We use corn-made biodegradable bin bags

We recycle everything that is possible or try to re-use when possible ( empty sugaring pots to be used as tools containers,...)

Some of the materials used to renovate the beauty room are upcycled

Clean Green

We use biodegradable & phosphate-free cleaning products 

We use Tri Nature disinfectant which is biodegradable with plant-based surfactants.

All linen is washed with phosphate-free laundry product

We use Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap for hand wash & tools cleaning. It is made with Organic and Certified Fair Trade Ingredients.

Green Beauty

We use pure essential oils in the humidifier and soy wax candles.

We use petroleum free talcum powder and made of organic cornstarch for sugaring treatment

We use organic cotton buds with compostable packaging

We add reusable cotton pads to all your treatments, offering a sustainable alternative to compostable facial rounds.

We use biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves

We provide Phyt's Face & bode products & treatments. Phyt's has been the leader on the organic skincare market for more than 40 years

We use sugaring as a hair removal method. It is 100% natural, with no chemicals.

Reusable pads are preferred for tinting to reduce the used of cotton pads.

We stock The Konjac Sponge, which is a 100% Earth-Friendly sponge.

We stock Coconut Bowls Candles which are made from soy wax poured in an upcycled coconut shell.

Our Nail's at Tiffany's nail polishes are Australian-made and 7-Free. These polishes are water permeable, which allows your nail to breathe. All part of the polish bottle are disposed and recycled or converted back into new products. And for every bottle of polish sold, a tree is planted!!!

We use bamboo tissues.

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