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Eye & Lip Cream - Age Defying

Our eyes require special attention to maintain a more youthful appearance.

The eye contour has a thinner skin than the rest of our face and it makes it more prone to ageing - as is the skin on your lips.

This is where the first sign of ageing would show first.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent due to our facial expressions, the sunlight, eye-straining, blinking and blue light from smartphones, computer screens, televisions and many other electronics equipment.

Some of the most pronounced wrinkles in the eye area are the crow's feet in the corner of the eyes, and the perpendicular lines between the brows.

The lower eyelids in mature skin can slacken, bags may develop, and the upper eyelids can droop and may impair vision.

The lip contour can also show early signs of ageing, especially for those who smoke. The lips are under continuous stress from merely talking, eating, or even sipping through a straw. Therefore, it is essential to have products that are formulated to hydrate and treat the needs of these specific areas.

Phyt's offers with Eye & Lip Cream a carefully selected formula for the needs of the delicate eye & lip areas and to reverse the effect of time!

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