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Phyt'Sublim Eyes - Reduce Dark Circles & Puffiness

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Relax, rejuvenate and refresh your eye area.

This treatment is composed of a series of rhythmic draining and decongesting movements combining treatment and relaxation. A concentrated serum with active ingredients is applied and followed up by an invigorating creamy balm that smooths the eye contour area.

Finally, an anti-fatigue peel-off emulsion mask is applied.

The eye contour area is instantly relaxed, decongested and fresh.

This facial is also available as an add-on treatment enhancer.

What makes Phyt’s different?

Each facial consists of 4-5 glass ampoules that contain highly active organic ingredients from cleansers to serums.

During the treatment, we extract the product from the ampoule and apply it directly to your skin.

No wastage and guaranteed hygiene for each client!


Lasting results can only be achieved through consistency, diligence and patience.

Investing in good products that work for you is absolutely key. 

Skincare is like the gym, one workout a week won't achieve instant results but one workout a week and life adjustments can make all the difference.

These 3 products target and reduce the sign of fatigue and stress which lead to puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.⠀

Phyt's has developed the Complexe Phyto-Actif Regard, a blend of 5 organic plant extracts working in synergy to provide global care of the delicate eye contour area (Rowan sorb bud, Horse Chesnut, Arnica Montana, Centella Asiatica and Meadowsweet).⠀

These products are available on our online store:

- Tensing Eye Serum

- Anti-Fatigue Cream

- Refreshing Mask

- Concealer Dark Circles

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