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Soin Capyl - Soothe & Hydrate

Designed to comfort skin with diffuse rednesses.

It all begins with the cleansing followed by a gentle scrub for skin renewal action removes dead cells without aggressive agents. Capyl Rose, an aqueous serum will then soothe rednesses. The next step will be the lympho-energy modelage, with the serum and its golden pearls, followed by a relaxing treat: the application of a mask on face, neck and décolleté. Once the mask removed, a good protection of your skin with Soin Nutri-Protecteur marks the end of the treatment.

Active ingredients:

  • Indian chestnut

  • Centella asiatica


The skin hydrolipidic film is restored, the skin looks refreshed, healthy and naturally radiant

Add a LED Therapy session to your facial to maximise your results.

What makes Phyt’s different?

Each facial consists of 4-5 glass ampoules that contain highly active organic ingredients from cleansers to serums.

During the treatment, we extract the product from the ampoule and apply it directly to your skin.

No wastage and guaranteed hygiene for each client!

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