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Sugaring Aftercare

Silky smooth skin comes with some effort, but maintaining glowing and healthy skin just got much easier 💪

Say bye-bye to unsightly bumps and nasty ingrown hairs with our exfoliating mitt and our Jojoba & Vanilla Bean Body Polish .

One of our favourite post-treatment essentials is the Jojoba & Vanilla Bean Body Polish: a natural, creamy, gentle and effective body scrub.

This gentle formula buffs, polishes and dissolves dull, dead skin cell build up on the skin between Sugaring treatments aiding product penetration and reducing ingrown hairs. ⠀⠀

Designed for the whole body to achieve unsurpassed butter soft, skin conditioning results from the properties of Coconut and Vanilla Oils which leave the skin silky soft and delightfully aromatic.

Increase its results with the dual sided Silk Woven exfoliating mitt. Used on dry skin, the mitt is also an excellent cellulite treatment! The mitt is perfect for dry skin application or as an invigorating massage in the shower or bath. with or without the creamy body scrub 🛁

Our water based Pore Relaxant mist specially formulated for application on any areas of skin that have been sugared to calm, soothe and hydrate.

It will help balance the pH of the skin, reduce post the blood flow and soothe the skin. Hair follicles are able to calm down and to return to their normal state.⠀

And it is so easy to use!

The perfect post- treatment product to nourish your skin after any sugaring treatment: Soothe & Protect Body Balm!

Daily use at home will greatly assist in reducing the pain of subsequent treatments much to a clients’ delight! The Aroma therapeutic essential oils leave the skin feeling buttery soft, supple and silky smooth.

The essential oils blend will also calm, sooth and protect the integral layers of the skin improving tone and turgor while sealing the skin with an antiseptic, protective finish without leaving any greasy residues.

The sugar contains lemon, so sugar has an anti bacterial element that wax does not.

The sugar doesn't break hair, and broken hair (or shaved hair) can often result in the blunt end of the hair having difficulty penetrating the skin.

Many of my clients see an improvement when switching from wax to sugar.

However, it can take time to lessen the chance of breakouts. So the Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream is the best addition to your daily routine to prevent and/or treat them!

A rich, potent, natural cream designed to soften the build-up of dead skin cells in the hair follicle that causes ingrown hairs to form.

Soothing anti-inflammatory properties allow this formula to calm any irritation and sensitivity associated with existing ingrown hairs while softening and conditioning the area.

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