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Why Phyt's?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

There are so many professional skin care product lines to choose from but I knew for years, even before knowing that I would open one day my own beauty salon, that Phyt's would be my choice.

Let me tell you why I believe in Phyt's and why this brand is so special to me.


PHYT’S is a pioneer in organic skincare and using the highest quality, sustainable raw materials since 1972.

Biologist and naturopath Jean Paul Llopart joined forces with beautician Rosanne Verlé to create Phytal, a natural cosmetics brand designed for beauty therapists.

They laid the foundations for Naturo-Esthétique®, a concept inspired by their revolutionary approach in which beauty is inseparable from overall health and ecology.

Over the years, they developed innovative and effective products and methods (professional treatments packaged in ampoules, Gommage Contact+, anti-ageing Prelude 108, etc.) formulated without synthetic preservatives.

Integrated into Laboratoires Jérodia in 2004, a group specialising in ‘natural beauty and health’, the brand took on a new dimension and became PHYT’S.

PHYT’S aims to stay true to its origins and values:

- Wellness

- Effectiveness

- Respectful of both people and the environment

- Safety

Today PHYT’S priorities are still the same: to offer certified organic cosmetics formulated with ingredients of natural origin, and professional treatments based on technical know-how and effectiveness to meet the needs of beauty therapists.


Phyt’s proudly owns their own farming facilities. This means they know exactly which ingredients they are using, their composition and how they are grown or produced. They can actually guarantee that they do not contain ingredients, such as GMOs.

Phyt’s is the first company to introduce professional esthetic products that are not made with any types of chemical preservatives, conservatives and that do not require refrigeration.

With over 46 years of passion and innovation, PHYT’S is certified COSMEBIO by QUALITE FRANCE – the Certifying Agency, recognised by the French Government and holding the strictest standards in organic certification.

These stringent quality standards guarantee natural cosmetics which only contain ingredients from organic and sustainable farms, with complete traceability of all the cosmetic raw materials and their manufacturing process. The COSMEBIO label is designed to protect both the consumer’s wellbeing and promote environmental sustainability at every stage if the manufacturing process.


With a passion for a Natural approach to beauty, PHYT’S Laboratories has been creating world class therapeutic Spa Treatments since 1972.

Phyt’s in-salon treatments are prepared in single-use glass ampoules which guarantee a high grade, well-preserved and high potency product – in every treatment. Our PHYT’S therapist’s are specially trained in our PHYT’S treatment application techniques for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Source: Phyt's Australia

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